Readings: “Heroes”

Further reading on “Heroes”

  • Pushing Ahead of the Dame’s posts on each of Bowie’s songs are consistently excellent, but the “Heroes” tribute is one of the very best of all. Thorough appreciation of the song “Heroes” from what the lyrics may mean to how the music works, and links to 18 versions.
  • Patti Smith. Heroes: A Communique. Hit Parader, April 1978.

[“Heroes”] is wonderful. It exposes us to our most precious and private dilemma. He has captured in this song that desperate moment when one will die for love. The track is pure. I am waiting for my man. But I love the song too and what we love we love repeated. The lyrics are really beautiful. One falls in love and gets lost in its swirl. One projects far aware and across the boundaries of space and placement. We are in dream alive. we are not planets away but seperated by a room or a wall of wire. Thats all. Heroes is theme song for every great movie. Made remade or yet to come. We the living. We are the girl in a torn wedding dress escaping thru wire into the crown of a bullet. We are the soldier blowing kisses from the back of a train.We are drunk and raging and kneeling in/time in a dead hotel room. We are the heroes of rimbaud’s poem royalty. 2 people mystically colliding.

  • Steve Edelson’s David Bowie’s “Heroes” is a multi-page site all about the album and its title song. Features commentaries on the pose Bowie strikes on the album cover, Philip Glass’s “Heroes” symphony, variant albums and singles, and much more.

Producer Tony Visconti discusses the contributions of Brian Eno on synthesizer, Robert Fripp and Carlos Alomar on guitar, George Murray on bass and Dennis Davis on drums; Bowie’s working style; and details of the Hansa studio facility.

  • Brian Eno, who shares the writing credit with Bowie for the song “Heroes”:

“I was only involved in that track up to doing the backing-track. He wrote the lyrics and the melody after I’d left – as he did for all the other tracks.

“And, when I left, I already had a feeling about that track – it sounded grand and heroic. In fact, I had that very word in mind.

“And then David brought the finished album round to my place and that track came up and it said ‘We can be heroes’ and I was absolutely… It was such a strange feeling, you know. I just shivered with… When you shiver, it’s a fear reaction, isn’t it?”

  • Wikipedia lists over 50 cover versions of the song.

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