Bowie Because…

So why a blog on David Bowie? Besides the obvious — I enjoy his music — I admire Bowie for these reasons, and they are what I will discuss in future posts.

  1. He loves learning, and he cherishes opportunities to share what has enriched his life. He reads.
  2. He is a seriously spiritual man.
  3. He is generous with his talents and wealth.
  4. He was at the very least a good-enough, and likely much better than that, parent to his son, in spite of being poorly prepared and situated to be so. (And I expect that in the future we will see he has been a great father to his daughter.)
  5. He is courageous.
  6. He survived. He came about as close to destroying himself as a man can, but he stopped his fall into the abyss, found something firm to cling to, and clawed his way back to safety. Then he moved on.

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