Readings: Bowie Blogs

Given David Bowie’s longtime enthusiasm for the internet, it seems fitting that there are a number of highly intelligent, perceptive,  provocative, and entertaining sites exploring his work and personas.

Here are a few of my favorites. I know I will be adding more.

Pushing Ahead of the Dame: An incredibly impressive, literate, thoroughly researched blog with a post for each Bowie song, chronologically arranged, beginning with 1964’s single “Liza Jane.”  The writer started posting in August 2009 and now, late May 2011, is finishing out the Heroes album. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The Church of Man-Love: Photoblog of well over 350 pages of Bowie photos. I particularly enjoy its creator raredeadly’s tagging system, which makes it so easy to find just what you are in the mood for: fingerporn, stubble, clavicles, gaze, open mouth, angst, rooster hair, fuzzy Bowie, Adonis, God, sexy old man, Crazy Uncle Bowie (for c. 1997)  [see also goatee, spiked hair, orange hair, silly], as well as the more predictable Ziggy, Thin White Duke, Aladdin Sane, Screaming Lord Byron, Berlin, alien, etc.

Special Interest Sites

Kosmos Idikos. Bowie features in only nine posts on this site, but those nine are long, densely packed, provocative, and fascinating. Synchronicities between occult traditions, archetypes and myth, alchemy, and especially Tarot and Bowie’s work are the posts’ subject. The author acknowledges a debt to Peter-R Koenig’s “The Laughing Gnostic: David Bowie and the Occult.”  On Kosmos Idikos, there is a message that the Bowie posts have been revised and can now be found on Koenig’s site, but today that link isn’t working. However, this takes you to a 2002 version of “Laughing Gnostic,” which at the time Koenig was planning to expand into a book

Timeline/David Bowie/Alien Phenomena: This isn’t a blog and it isn’t being updated, but it is such an intriguingly odd and exhaustively detailed site it would be a pity to miss it while it is still around. This archived website traces parallels in David Bowie’s life and reports of investigations of UFOs. You have to be really patient to see the site. It has a lot of graphics and is just one very long page, so it takes next to forever to load.

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