Sailor’s Journal Indexed, Part 3: Writers and Publications

More like a half a droplet in the seas than the tip of the proverbial iceberg, here we have the few authors and works mentioned in the brief Sailor’s Journals. There aren’t quite as many authors and books in Sailor’s Journals as you might expect. On the erstwhile bowienet there was a section entirely devoted to books.

Here are the ones that are in the journal entries (some appeared both places, and I used them years ago in What’s on Bowie’s Bookshelves?”).

Several poets, for example, Kymbali, Imani, and Ono, could go into other categories as well, such as performing artists. “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” could have gone with the songs but since its author, Gil Scott-Heron, was associated with the Last Poets and taught literature and creative writing, I put it here.


Ackroyd, Peter,  1/4/01
Addison, Joseph,   4/26/01, 4/30/01
Albee, Edward,   4/30/01
Amis, Martin,  1/9/01
Ball, Hugo,  2/26/99
Balzac, Honore de,   2/24/99
Beckett, Samuel,  1/29/99
Bouvier, Simone,  1/29/99
Bowles, Paul,  6/14/99
Burroughs, William,  8/28/98, 10/29/98, 6/14/99
Collings, Matthew,  9/8/01
Crowley, Aleister,  2/24/99 

Finch, Charles,  11/9/98, 11/20/98 
Fowles, John,   1/9/01
Gleason, Matt, 11/20/98
Hitchens, Christopher,   10/05/04
Huysman, A.E.,   1/29/99

Imani,  3/29/99
Kafka, Franz,    11/12/01
Kymbali [Craig],    3/29/99
Lakshmi, Padma,   9/26/06
Last Poets,   3/10/99
Maupassant, Guy de,   1/29/99
McEwan, Ian,   1/9/01
Norman, Howard,   3/10/99

Ono, Yoko,  8/23/98
Paine, Thomas,  10/8/99
Rushdie, Salman,   9/26/06
Sartre, Jean Paul,    1/29/99
“Spectator, Mr.”,     4/26/01, 4/30/01
Steele, Richard,       4/26/01
Stephens, Chris,      5/22/00
Tate, Greg,       3/10/99, 3/29/99
Thomson, Rupert,     1/4/01
Tzara, Tristan,        1/29/99; 2/20/99, 2/26/99
Vonnegut, Kurt,   1/17/00
Waters, Sarah,     10/05/04
Wilde, Oscar,      2/24/99


21 Publishing*,      9/8/98, 5/22/00
Amis memoirs,     1/9/01
Atonement,    1/9/01
Backstage Passes,   11/20/98
Bird Artist,  7/13/99
Black Dwarf & Private Eye, 11/21/98
Blimy*,      9/8/98
Book of Revelation,   1/4/01
Canard,   11/21/98
Child in Time,  The    1/9/01
Clothes Thru Time,      1/24/00
Coagula,   11/9/98, 11/20/98
Collection of Dada books,   2/20/99
Conspiracy of Paper, A,        7/21/03

Diaries of Nathan Adler,      8/23/98
Fingersmith,     10/05/04

Glam,   1/17/01
Insult (Thomson),    1/4/01
London (Ackroyd),    1/4/01
Magus, The,      1/9/01
Modern Painters,  11/15/98, 11/20/98; 2/24/00
Most Art Sucks,    11/9/98, 11/20/98
Names (Delillo),   1/9/01
[National] Lampoon,   4/26/01
Omni,     2/20/99
Peter Lanyon: At the Edge of Landscape, 5/22/00
Peter Rabbit,   5/5/04
Play about the Baby, The,   4/30/01
Private Eye,   4/26/01
Punch,   5/1/00
Olivia (children’s book series),   5/5/04
Road to Mars (Idle),  9/29/99
Rolling Stone, Feb 1971,   11/27/98; 2/1/00
Scientific American: “Science and the Citizen: Revenge of the Wimps”: March 1999,                   2/23/00
Spectator,  4/26,30/01
Talk 21,  9/10/98
“Revolution will not be Televised, The,” 3/29/99
Trial of Henry Kissinger,    10/05/04

“Wow or Gee,”     9/8/98

*Founded by Bowie, 1998, 21 Publishing‘s titles include Matthew Collings’ Blimy, It Hurts, and Art Crazy Nation; Chris Stephen’s  Peter Lanyon: At the Edge of Landscape, and Bowie’s collaboration with William Boyd,  Nat Tate – an American artist 1928-1960, as well as four other books or anthologies.

Bowie was on the editorial board of Modern Painters. This copy is from Summer 2000 and features an article by Matthew Collings, who appears in Sailor’s Journals. Modern Painters was bought in 2003 by Louise Blouin and moved to the US in 2006. It still remains, or part of the title still does: Blouin Modern Painters.

This is what one wall of a personal library of 22,000 books looks like — George Vanderbilt’s library at Biltmore House. He sent most of his books to a bookbinder who replaced their bindings with leather, which is why they all look alike. Vanderbilt’s journals for 1875 to 1914 includes a list of  3,159 “Books I Have Read.” These do not include reference books.biltmore library

No one knows (yet) how many books Bowie had. I’ve read much higher figures than 22,000. I hope his library is being catalogued.

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