Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 7: Performances. And a Caveat.

Sailor’s Journals may seem voluminous from this series of posts. It is not. If you read it straight through it might take 3 hours. So say 6 to write. Six hours of journaling in the 69 years of such a complex man as Bowie simply is not much at all. Like a single cell in the body, perhaps.

This is such a strange little project I undertook. So much that was going on is not here. Take, for example, Bowie’s starring role in Mr. Rice’s Secret, recorded in 1998 and released in 2000. Not here. Even if you decide, OK, Sailor’s Journals was his means of lending support to artists and musicians, where’s Arcade Fire? He was one of their earliest enthusiasts.

One answer: Sailor’s Journals was available only for viewing by bowienet subscribers. And, I believe, Bowie did heartily endorse Arcade Fire elsewhere. But again, these indexes are nearly comical to me. Now, if I did it for every print article….

As I mentioned at the start of these posts, I chose not to index the material not written by Bowie. Thus, this does not include the coverage of the Roseland concerts for June 16 and 19, 2000, chronicled by bowienetter Blammo from June 14, 2000 to July 12, 2000.

1980 Floor Show, 2/11/00; 4/4/03
1996 Phoenix Festival–1996, 9/16/98
A&E Biography, 2/8/01, 2/9/01
Brit Awards, 2/18/99
Concert for NYC, 2/05/03
Concert for Tibet House, 2/26/03, 2/28/03
Glastonbury Festival, 5/17/00

Libro Music Hall in Vienna, Austria, 9/23/99
Meltdown London, 2/15/01
Meltdown Madison Square, 4/10/02
Much Music, 9/21/99, 9/26/99
NetAid, 9/8/99
Radio 1’s Dave Pearce Dance Anthems Show, 10/29/00
Reality Tour, 4/12/04
Roseland 2000, 5/25/00; 6/2/00, 6/6/00, 6/8/00; 4/10/02
Serious Moonlight, 9/27/99
VH1, 10/19/01
VHS Storytellers, 7/8/99,  8/16/99
Ziggy Stardust, 2/11/00

I’m almost done. Just left are people who don’t fit elsewhere and miscellaneous.

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