On the Occasion of Dennis Davis’s 70th Birthday. Let All the Children Boogie

Were there more effective treatments and cures for cancer, Dennis Davis, Bowie’s drummer for the DAM rhythm section (Davis-Alomar-Murray) on the quintet of albums from Station to Station through Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) could have been celebrating his seventieth birthday today.

Now what is left are memories and music.

So we have a few of Nacho’s Production:  “Blackout,”  which includes a Davis solo midway, and Carlos Alomar’s favorite when he thinks of DAM: What in the World  How about “Hold on to Yourself” when Davis pranks the band and distracts from David for a brief spell by donning a gorilla mask (and fortunately not experiencing heat stroke!). He was fondly remembered as a fun and funny guy.

Now Davis has returned to the stars from which we all were made.

Let All the Children Boogie.

Picture is Hikaru Davis’s. Thinking of you today.


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