[No Longer] Crashing in the Same Car

Crashing in the Same Car All accounts I have read suggest that David Robert Jones [Bowie] was a cherished if not planned child. Both his parents, however, had histories of child abandonment, either accidental or deliberate. His paternal grandfather died in WWI, and his grandmother soon afterwards. Bowie’s dad, Haywood Stenton Jones, was born in […]

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At 27 and at 54

When I came back to Bowie one of the lures was this: How did he do it? I’d watch  Heathen-era youtubes and then the bits from  1974’s Cracked Actor and wonder  how did he go from  being the  95-pound  coke addict of 1975, to a man who looked better at 54 than at 27? Many […]

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Bowie Behind the Wheel

“I’m the bravest driver, sit by my side I’ll drive you so wild if you sit by my side” —–Rupert the Riley, 1970 Bowie’s Riley car, Rupert, proved not to be as fond of its driver as he was of it. As Bowie explained in an interview with Dominic Mohan in 2003: “It was an old […]

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Bowie By Sea

I haven’t seen many pictures or reports of Bowie’s trans-Atlantic and Pacific crossings. It is easy to imagine him dressing for dinner and drinking and smoking into the night in the closest approximation the ship offered of a cabaret, occasionally venturing onto the deck to smoke and look at the sky. His Thin White Duke […]

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