Readings: “Heroes”

Further reading on “Heroes” Pushing Ahead of the Dame’s posts on each of Bowie’s songs are consistently excellent, but the “Heroes” tribute is one of the very best of all. Thorough appreciation of the song “Heroes” from what the lyrics may mean to how the music works, and links to 18 versions. Patti Smith. Heroes: […]

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Like Dolphins Can Swim

For such a lyrically simple song, “Heroes” has some great lines. How propitious that Bowie should have stood by the window at Hansa Studios and seen producer Tony Visconti¬† kissing his lover in the shadows of the Berlin Wall– or so legend has it. No way to know then that in a dozen years the […]

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Watching “Heroes”

“Heroes” brought me back to Bowie. I bought that album and Low in the late seventies, but then was distracted by adult life for 30 years. For years I resisted visiting YouTube, suspecting I’d need a much stronger will than I have not to end up spending days and days there, but this winter I […]

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